Does Windows 10 automatically update drivers, or do I need a driver updater program?

The software scans your computer and recommends you the best drivers to download. Plus, it allows you to download and install drivers with just a few clicks. Today we’re going to show you how to update drivers on Windows 11, which thankfully shouldn’t take too much of your time. Considering that many people are still upgrading to Windows 11, it’s important that you make sure all your drivers are up to date and functioning to the best of their ability. Up-to-date drivers ensure that every part of your PC is working as smoothly as possible. Note that if you’re running a pre-built system, you’ll run into issues here. The tool can’t update customized OEM drivers.

  • A screen for installing Windows 10 will appear.
  • Using any of the steps explained above, you can download a driver for HP printers and can fix printer-related issues.
  • Please confirm what files are in the related device folders.
  • If it finds one, it’ll install it and ask you to restart your computer.

If you have a laptop, you can usually find all of the drivers you need from your laptop manufacturer’s page. You may be prompted to reboot after updates are installed. Go to the download page of Auslogics Driver Updater and download the tool’s setup app.


Check for any updates that may apply, then view and install them. A restart may be required, so be sure to save all work and close any open applications before you begin. Security updates and bug fixes are often updated automatically, but driver updates may not be so simple. For this reason, it’s a good idea to occasionally check and update your drivers manually—to ensure they’re always up to date. Most PC and laptop owners know they need to periodically update their operating system software, security programs and so on. However, fewer computer users know how to update their device drivers—or even why drivers are so valuable.

how to find printer drivers on windows 10

The BOSS Worldwide Social Network keeps you connected to the latest products, exciting events, and much more. From there select «Never install software from Windows Update». Go to the official graphics card manufacturer’s website Drivers section.

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Outdated drivers are the source of many common computer issues, sound problems included. That’s why it’s important to keep your drivers current.

Older laser printers may even have a power switch in one of the back bottom corners of the printer. Smartphone and brother dcp 8110dn driver tablet users must have a printer that connects to devices wirelessly or over the Internet to print. Yes, you still need drivers to print from a wireless printer.

How Do I Find Printer Drivers In Windows 10?

Clicking this option opens the Troubleshoot screen, where you can choose to either reset the PC or access more advanced features. There are several steps you can take when troubleshooting black screen errors on managed Windows 11 computers. In fact, many of the black screen troubleshooting steps are easiest to accomplish within WinRE. Misconfigured settings can sometimes cause black screen issues. For example, the projection settings might be incorrect or there might be a problem with the boot configuration data store. An outdated or malfunctioning application or driver can lead to black screen errors.